OpenBots Cloud

Automate your business with enterprise apps that maximize efficiency and improve team workflows. Start automating with OpenBots in three easy steps: discover, build, and launch.

Execution / Orchestration

Publish and centrally manage your digital workforce by scheduling and configuring from cloud. Schedule when automation's run in unattended mode or give business users on-demand control on their desktop in attended mode.


Securely store and share required files and useful assets / artifacts related to your automation, transactions and work items centrally. Files can be shared between automation's with specific permissions.

Business Center

View human and bot interactions in real-time. Get alerts when processes require approvals and ping your team. Create approvals, work items and initiate automation's on the fly for a seamless workflow between humans and bots.

Sites & Forms

Setup private or public websites to collect form data from employees or customers. Form data collected can then be used to run bots to perform necessary action in various systems.


Define and catalog process automation ideas using the Discovery tool. Create your automation pipeline by evaluating the feasibility of each automation based on its complexity and business benefits.


Leverage AI and AutoML capabilities to classify, extract and validate scanned documents and images. The Intelligent Document Processing engine reads structured or unstructured data and improves its accuracy over time.


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