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Feature Request: Indicator of Unused Variable / Argument / Element

Karl Chester

  • Reporter
  • Calender Icon December 31,2021 at 12:12 AM

Thanks for allowing me to post these feature requests here. Let me know if there is a better way of sending this to the team without cluttering the forums.

It would be very useful to have some kind of indicator of a variable or argument that is not used withing the obscript file I am currently editing. This indicator could show up next to the variable in the variables tab as a symbol in a new column in the tab. Or I would also be ok with a "search for unused" button in each tab. This would also be useful in the Element Manager and having just an indicator would allow me to leave unused items alone, should I plan on using them in the future.

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Lakshmi Sukumar

  • Participant
  • Calender Icon January 04,2022 at 6:24 PM


On the contrary, thanks for making these suggestions. We have taken notes on all the suggested features, and will be including them in our future releases.

In order to make the process easier for the both parties, you could consolidate a list of suggestions and send it to me through email.

Thanks again!

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